Experience Milwaukee's most fun 5-star resort

Rooms that make relaxation easy.

Sleep on something better than a cloud

Every room features a SleepCloud memory foam mattress that's more comfortable than anything you've ever slept on. It wicks heat away from your body and embraces you to keep you cool, comfortable, and snug all night.

We're always here for you

If you need anything, feel free to pick up your room phone and dial 1 to instantly get a concierge 24/7. Commonly needed items such as phone and laptop chargers are complimentary. We'd be happy to bring you a beer.

Make bathing amazing

All rooms include a multi-jet shower systems that turns your morning routine from boring to exhilarating. If you're wanting for a more soothing experience, take a dip in your large tub and turn on the jets – and add some lavender-scented bubbles if you like.

Always looking forward

Every light in your room can be controlled from the wall panel or your smartphone. You can control the intensity and color of the lights to your liking, and schedule lighting routines to wake you up pleasantly – no more blaring alarm clock.