These are projects I completed in college, and aren't usually relevant to the professional career I have now - but they were all great learning experiences.

Camps for Kids Milwaukeemore_vert

I turned the Camps for Kids website from a relic of the '90s to a mobile-ready Wordpress site that looks great. Click or tap the image for more info.

The Redesignclose

I started the redesign with a partner in October 2015. We used Wordpress becuase the client wanted to be able to easily update and edit the site in the future, and Wordpress had the most mature plugin ecosystem to provide additional features the client requested.

They gave us the copy and images, and a list of few things they wanted (such as the footer with logo and hit counter). I found an excellent, free theme to start with and had the first prototype done in a few days.

I made several stylistic modifications to the theme to fit the client's preferred visual aesthetic. The new site works great on all screens and it's easier than ever for parents to find camps that are right for their kids.

Brew City Resortmore_vert

As part of this year's national Phi Beta Lambda web design competition, I worked with a team to design a stylish website for a fictional Milwaukee resort. We took first place at regionals and will present it at the national conference in June. To see more about our process, click or tap the image. To see for yourself, check out the link below.

The Redesignclose

We chose materialize.css for the desing as I was familiar with it already and the team felt the modern feel would well after a color swap to something warmer. We put a lot of though into what an actual resort website would have, and checked around for other examples. We made sure to fill it with information you would expect to see, like menus and calendars. We won first place.

MSOE Humanities, Social Science and Communication Department Social Media

I run all of the social media accounts for the new MSOE Humanities, Social Science, and Communication department. My job duties include photography, video creation, content scheduling, graphic design, analytics analysis, technology training, and more.

This Website

I've also designed my own website. It's hosted on GitHub, secured with CloudFlare, and built with materialize.css. It's hosted on GitHub pages and secured with SSL.

Media Work

I ran all of the social media accounts for the new MSOE Humanities, Social Science, and Communication department. I also ran the SAGA social media accounts when I was elected Administrator in my senior year.